Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Truck--Departure Scheduled

Wayne writes:

Hello All,

We will have this truck full by the end of today!!!!!! Amazing I can not express in words how I feel. We ALL did it. This has been a wonderful experience.

My wife and two others will be pulling out tonight and on their way to Houston. We are trying to rally forces to be at the truck at 8PM tonight (Monday) to wish them a safe trip, exchange hugs and tears, and take care of any last minute details. I am personally asking everyone to show up. We all have worked tirelessly the last 3-4 days and it would do everyone a lot of good to get together one last time as a whole. Bring your families, kids, friends, neighbors, pets, anyone and help us send this wonderful truck down the full of good spirit as well as good baby stuff!!

8PM tonight. Wal-Mart / Carl's Jr. parking lot at 9000 NE Hwy. 99.


Thank You,


The photos show donors shopping and some of the supplies. They aren't my own photos, as I live 40 miles or so away and haven't been down to the truck since I took some diapers in myself. I think Wayne gets the photo credit.

I know the Red Cross and many other agencies say "just send money," and I encourage you to do so if you want to give that way. But it feels so right to be involved in such a hand-on way with the effort. Most of us won't have the chance to help face-to-face and to say that we care, but this gets us a stop closer.

The state of Oregon is taking a thousand Katrina refugees. The city of Portland is setting up a shelter in a mothballed high school.

A question that will linger for a long time: If we can make this kind of an effort for the people who are made suddenly and tragically homeless by a storm, why can't we do better for the homeless who live among us every day?


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