A Tree by the Stream

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Ugh. It is so hot my clothes are sticking to me. I hate this. I HATE THIS. Somehow it just isn't possible to have a good attitude and imagine that I'm in a nice relaxing sauna. It was so hot and sticky a few days ago that some of the pieces of my son's bike helmet just fell apart while he was wearing it--the adhesive came loose. Which raises the question: SHOULD children's bike helmets be assembled with bits of two-sided foam tape? Maybe not. His bike was stolen the same day, along with the jacket that he left draped over it. It wasn't a good day for him.

I'm working half-time now and I'm signed up for the fall quarter at school. Microeconomics and American Government this time. I peeked in the microeconomics books and it's full of numbers and graphs. I'm also keeping myself busy just for fun with a book called "Linux for Dummies," seriously considering trying Linux and some open source software on an older computer system.